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Pineapple, pineapple, or maybe ananas (Ananas comosus (L. ) Merr. ) Can be a type of exotic grow from Brazilian, Bolivia, in addition to Paraguay. Most of these crops as part of the pineapple-nanasan household (Family Bromeliaceae). Visibility (habitus) reduce its crops, herbal products (chronic) having 30 or maybe more simply leaves are extended, sharp-pointed, organized within rosette form round the dense shoe. Your fruits is British called a pineapple for the shape like a pinus radiata pine. Your identify 'pineapple' hails from the particular Tupi situation because of this fruits: anana, that means "excellent fruit". Honey-sucking chickens (hummingbirds) are healthy pollinators involving fruits, despite the fact that a range of pests likewise have exactly the same part. manfaat daun saga
Design Sungkul A stairway having carved pineapple design about the Banjar within South Kalimantan.

Pineapple fruits sold because fruits is just not true, even so the mixed some fruits involving true (visible remnants involving virtually any 'scales' about the epidermis in the fruit) is usually integrated within its growth -- in addition to cob (spadix) ingredient awareness -- in one' fruits 'great. Pineapples are developed folks include misplaced the chance to duplicate sexually, nevertheless they formulated small crops (the 'crown' fruit) which is a means of vegetative distribution. obat alami terbaru

Inside Indonesia, Lampung land is really a main pineapple expanding region, having several pineapple finalizing crops are also observed there.

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